Brodhead Fire Department Mission Statement


Brodhead Volunteer Fire Department was established by citizens of the town of Brodhead in the late 1920’s in response to a need for local citizens to protect the livelihood and well-being of the community from the ravages of fire. It shall by the ongoing responsibility of the members of BVFD to continue the traditions established by our forefathers. BVFD will consistently and faithfully respond to any emergency that our community faces.


BVFD will strive to provide the most highly trained, best equipped, firefighting force possible to protect the citizens of our fire response area.


BVFD will strive to provide the most highly trained, best-equipped rescue force possible to respond to any special rescue in our fire service area.


BVFD will strive to promote fire safety in our community and educate its citizens about fire safety.


BVFD will strive to be the best example of community leadership and consistently promote community action for the greater good of humanity.


BVFD will strive to promote selfless service, good moral values, duty, honesty, bravery, leadership and brotherhood and volunteer to accept the responsibility of maintaining and promoting these values in our department.


BVFD will strive to meet fire and emergency service needs of our fire service area with exceptional, professional services when called by the citizens we serve.


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